Once again this year, and this time in person during the dinner of the Girona 2022 convention, the Ingecal 2021 Awards ceremony took place to recognize the best audit staff, the best consultant staff and the best trainer staff. We also had the opportunity to give the award to two members of the team who have completed 5 years in Ingecal and to present the great award for Commitment, one of the six values of our management policy.

5 years at Ingecal

This year, Gina Gómez has been part of the Ingecal team for 5 years.

Recognition of the best auditor

In third place was Cristina Ribó with an average of 9.25. In second place, and with a tie, Nuria Amador and Evaristo Gutiérrez with a 9’33 and, in first place, with an average of 9’50… Montse Salvador! Who went to collect the award very surprised, but with great enthusiasm.


Recognition of the best consultant

In third place, we have Gina Gómez with a great 9’50 average. In second place, Marta Monreal with a 9’60 and, in first place, with an incredible 9’67 average… Mercedes Cerrato! When collecting the award, she recognizes that she always tries to do everything the best she can, she thinks about what the clients want, how she can give it and fulfill everything so that the client is happy.


Recognition of the best trainer

In third place, we have Marta Monreal with an average of 8’89. In second place, Yolanda Fernández with an 8’94 and, in first place, with an average of 9’20 to… Efren Reina!


Recognition of commitment

Each year we give recognition to the person who best meets the chosen value of our management policy. This year the value was Commitment. After the vote of each person of the team we have had the winner who has best fulfilled the commitment, which according to our management policy and as it is well published on the web is: “It obliges us to comply with the agreements with our stakeholders”. Thus, Mercedes Cerrato has been the person who has won the recognition by Ingecal’s staff to the commitment value.

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