Management policy


To provide our clients with consulting, training and internal audit services, with the objective of helping them achieve their goals, in an agile and efficient way in compliance with regulatory requirements, management systems and sustainability, while continuing to grow as a company by motivating our team, generating knowledge and following our values.


We are committed to exceeding the expectations of all our stakeholders.

We enjoy and are motivated by our work.

It guides us at all levels: social, environmental and governance.

It stimulates us to improve the competencies of our team.

We are pleased to facilitate a close relationship with the people we work with.

It obliges us to comply with our agreements with our stakeholders.


Continuously improve our services as well as our internal processes based on the objectives established annually.

Protecting the environment, especially preventing pollution and reducing CO₂ emissions in our travel and activities and minimizing waste generation, as well as the efficient use of materials.

To fulfill the requirements of our customers by exceeding their expectations, applicable legal and other subscribed requirements, to promote transparency, and to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of the data we work with.

Provide safe working conditions and healthy habits to prevent injury and health deterioration, hazard elimination and risk reduction, and employee consultation and participation.

To ensure ethical behavior in all our actions. Promote diversity and equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, religion or disability. Support and respect the protection of internationally recognized fundamental human rights.

Evaristo Gutiérrez   27/06/2022   ID-001  Rev.09

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