The sustainability report is a document, voluntarily prepared by the organizations, which gathers all the impacts and results in the economic, environmental and social areas throughout the year, published in a transparent and public manner.

In Ingecal, this year, we have published our sixteenth Sustainability Report, corresponding to the 2021 year, following the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the GRI Standards and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

You can consult all our reports at this link.

But... Why is it advisable for companies to prepare a sustainability report?

It is the main tool with which organizations can communicate to their stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers…) their economic, environmental and social results.

Other advantages are:

  • Improve internal communication and the personnel sense of belonging to the company.
  • Improve the company’s image and reputation.
  • Knowing the global situation of the company.
  • Differentiate and stand out from the competition.
  • Advantage in the participation of public procurement tenders.

Ingecal helps you to prepare your company's sustainability report.

It’s becoming more and more common for organizations to prepare and publish their reports, but it should be noted that the preparation of these reports takes time that not all companies have. For this reason, our team can help you and make the sustainability report of your company, collecting all the necessary information as easily and quickly as possible, and accompanying you throughout the process, thus ensuring a complete report.

Do you want to have a sustainability report in your company?

Request more information by visiting our section web Corporate Social Responsibility or sending an e-mail to

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