We advise organizations on the implementation of innovation management systems.


We can help you in:

  • Design and implementation of Innovation Management Systems.
  • Implementation of UNE166002 requirements.
  • Internal audits of the R&D&I management system.
  • Implementation of Innovation support tools (technological forecasting, selection of ideas and participation systems, creativity tools…).
  • Methodologies for project management: ISO 21500.
  • Integration of Innovation, Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Systems.


  • Open courses organised in INGECAL.
  • Courses and seminars “in company”.
  • Online courses available on the e-learning platform INGECAMPUS.

Projects Director

  • Evaristo Gutiérrez
    Evaristo Gutiérrez Director of INGECAL.

    Industrial Technical Engineer.
    Master in Operations Management – ESADE.
    Quality Systems Auditor – EOQ 13.120.
    Master in Business Administration – The Power MBA.

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